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Technology Transaction Law

Technology Transaction Law

In business today, a company does not have to be a dot-com, a biotech or a clean energy pioneer to enter into tech transactions. Almost any kind of business will set up a computer network; license a proprietary software system for point of sale, inventory, human resources, accounting or billing; or work with a technology consultant on any of the above. Whether a business is a tech company, a university spinoff or a traditional bricks and mortar storefront, the firm routinely assists clients with a wide variety of technology transactions. We represent businesses as buyers of technology products and services, and we represent developers, resellers, vendors and service providers with customers downstream, suppliers upstream and partners on both sides.

Technology Transaction Services

  • e-commerce agreements (B2B, B2C, clickwrap and shrinkwrap)
  • software license agreements and technology license agreements
  • research and development agreements
  • website development and hosting agreements
  • internet service provider, data center, cloud & SaaS agreements
  • university and institutional technology transfer transactions
  • confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • non-solicitation and non-compete agreements
  • domain name, trademark, copyright, and trade secret issues
  • privacy, terms of service and acceptable use policies
  • collaboration agreements for strategic partnerships and joint ventures


In law, intellectual property (or “IP”) refers to an intangible product of thought or intellectual process that encompasses inventions, ideas, creations, expressions, concepts and brands, the exclusive use of which may be protected by bundles of rights established by law. Most often, IP relates to patents, copyright and trademarks but may also deal with trade secrets, rights of publicity and restrictions on unfair competition.

We assist clients with development of contracts providing for parties’ use of intellectual property, such as software or technology license agreements and we negotiate and administer transactions.

We help clients enter into multi-part agreements for sales, licensing, implementation and development services, system and support services, and project staffing.

Universities and governments enter into transactions to transfer intellectual property, know-how, technologies and methods to create commercial ventures, and we assist clients with negotiating and documenting their rights, title and interest in the venture and its products.

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Our mission in life is to provide valuable, useful, practical legal services to businesses and individuals; to help our clients find opportunities in whatever they do; and to be engaged, responsible members of our families and communities.

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