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About Lockhart, PLLC – A Charlotte Law Firm

Charlotte Skyline - By Ricky WLockhart, pllc is an innovative professional practice. We understand the stresses of modern life and the difficulties of owning a business. We also understand the excitement and opportunity of operating a business and the relief that comes from getting personal responsibilities taken care of. We do what we do to help you get where you want to go with your business and in your life.

We work with privately held companies from startups and small businesses to middle-market companies – often in emerging growth and technology sectors, as well as in traditional industries with well-established companies. And we work with individuals of all walks of life – from people just starting out, to seasoned business owners, to retirees. We never forget that we work with people, whether they are people in business or not, and our job is to help people pursue their goals, take care of their business, their families and themselves and be valuable, contributing individuals in their families, work, neighborhoods and communities.

Lockhart, pllc was originally organized in 2002 and was known as The Business Law Advisors. The firm’s founders had been in-house legal counsel and had often worked with outside law firms. After their company was acquired, they started The Business Law Advisors to provide the high-value, high-quality legal services they did not believe were readily available to smaller companies at a reasonable price point. The firm was organized to operate under a streamlined overhead structure and without internal billing quotas. Now known as Lockhart, pllc, the firm continues the traditions of innovation, focus, service and value.

Our Strategy

We focus on providing business owners, start-ups, small business and private companies with legal representation in business, corporate, mergers & acquisitions and technology matters, as well as estate planning and personal business services for individuals.

We operate under a streamlined overhead structure and do not have internal billing quotas, which is a dramatic departure from the traditional law firm. As a result, we serve only one master – the client.

We strive to deliver practical and useful services and solutions and apply legal theory to the real world.

In addition to being attorneys, we have worked in banking, financial services, nonprofits and military service. Our expertise and technical aptitude are informed by real life and not limited to fluent lawyer-ese.

Ashe Lockhart – Principal

Ashe Lockhart
Ashe works with:

  • small business
  • startups
  • emerging growth
  • technology and private companies in business, corporate and technology law, including:
    • business contacts
    • private placements
    • mergers & acquisitions
    • internet transactions

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The Mission

Our mission in life is to provide valuable, useful, practical legal services to businesses and individuals; to help our clients find opportunities in whatever they do; and to be engaged, responsible members of our families and communities.

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The Strategy





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