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Whose Idea is it Anyway?

Whose Idea is it Anyway?

• By Ashe Lockhart • June 23, 2011 >> Every day across America, the spirit of innovation plays itself out as budding entrepreneurs hand in their resignations (sometimes jubilantly!) from regular employment and a steady paycheck to strike out on their own with grand ideas about the next big thing. Probably most ground-breaking business concepts… Continue Reading

Are we Paperless Yet?

Are we Paperless Yet?

• By Ashe Lockhart • March 10,2011 >> It seems like technology prognosticators used to tell of a future without paper. They promised that all this marvelous computer-driven technology would make paper a relic of the past. Yet, somehow, our precious predilection for paper persists. In fact, it seems paper is more prevalent than ever.… Continue Reading

Acceptable Use Policies

Acceptable Use Policies

• By Ashe Lockhart • April 30, 1997 >> In 1997, I co-authored a Model Acceptable Use Policy for Corporate Internet Systems with several law school classmates who are identified on the policy web page. Although this was prepared some time ago, it offers a number of useful ideas to help companies set up policies to educate employees… Continue Reading

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Our mission in life is to provide valuable, useful, practical legal services to businesses and individuals; to help our clients find opportunities in whatever they do; and to be engaged, responsible members of our families and communities.

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