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Unemployment Benefits for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Unemployment Benefits for Startups and Entrepreneurs

• By Ashe Lockhart • March 24, 2009 >> A characteristic of the current, dismal economy is that managers, executives and professionals are joining the ranks of the unemployed in significant – perhaps unprecedented – numbers. This is especially true in Charlotte, where banks, financial companies, law firms and service providers are laying off large… Continue Reading

The Other Branch of Government

The Other Branch of Government

• By Ashe Lockhart • April 20, 2007 >> The law is something of a mystery to most people.  In fact, it’s apparently a mystery to a good many North Carolina state lawmakers.  North Carolina’s legislative branch of government (the General Assembly), with the apparent acquiescence of the executive branch (headed by the Governor), has… Continue Reading

Liberty vs. The Flag

Liberty vs. The Flag

• By Ashe Lockhart • October 18, 1996 (originally prepared for Mere Dictum, the school newspaper of UNC School of Law, Chapel Hill, North Carolina) >> The upcoming election [November, 1996] has caused me to reflect on my political orientation and how I got here. A good place to start is with my eighteenth birthday,… Continue Reading

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